Spring/Summer 2016 Colorways are Here!

Posted by Christa Casebeer on

The new Spring/Summer colorways are here! I'm working on translating these to fiber over April. Included in this release are an entire variegated line inspired by the X-Men and five new semisolids that would look great paired with one another.

Our pre-release included AKA and Purple Man inspired by Jessica Jones and are taking off in popularity already. They look great paired together or used individually. We also brought in Quantum, Nuka Cola, and Zelda for the gamers and they've also been in demand.

I thought I would take a moment to list some of our most popular retail colorways. Some of these have been around a long time but remain on the top of the list every month. If you are looking for colorways to add to your inventory, here's our top fifteen best sellers to consider:

  1. Blue Box Exploding
  2. Honey, You Should See Me in a Crown
  3. TARDIS Blue
  4. 221b Baker Street
  5. Raggedy Man
  6. Doctor Donna
  7. Vashta Nerada
  8. For the Night is Dark and Full of Terrors
  9. Don't Blink
  10. Stargate (only available to retailers, retired from the retail shop)
  11. Your Ratings Just Went Up
  12. Twirl for Me
  13. Mother of Dragons
  14. Abnegation
  15. Tesla


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