Last Chance Colorways

Posted by Christa Casebeer on

If you follow our retail news you've probably already seen the list of the colorways we are retiring from our dyed to order catalog at the end of the month. The ones that will be unavailable are also posted here in the wholesale shop under Last Chance. If you happened to compare the two lists you would notice there are a few colorways not listed on this one that is listed on the retail site. We've chosen to continue to offer a few of our most popular colorways to retailers. Some of these colorways have been around for a long time with us and have a large following and many projects. We feel that continuing to offer these colorways to retailers would be an asset to both you and us as we can refer customers to shops if they request more information about them. Colorways that are only available to retailers are marked here in the wholesale colorway catalog with ** after the title for easy browsing. 

Also new to wholesale offerings are sets. There has been a lot of demand for fiber samplers for shops but we knew that there needed to be special handling for these because the regular mix and match minimum just wouldn't work as well for them. 

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