Trunk Shows

We would love to help your shop host special events featuring Nerd Girl Yarns. Perhaps your shop would like to try a new base or spinning fiber, feature a new colorway line, try out some special kits or display some samples; let us know what you are thinking and we can help!

If you are interested in hosting a product launch trunk show or a sales trunk show, please see the policies listed below. We try to schedule out at least six months in advance so please contact us as soon as you think you might be interested in an event. Please note, NGY does not consign products to yarn shops, these events a partnership between NGY and a LYS for a sales promotion event. 

Product Trunk Shows

Nerd Girl Yarns is happy to provide a trunk show to help launch the yarn and fiber at your shop or if you are a current customer we can assist you with bringing in a new base line(s) to your shop. We work with you to bring a selection of yarns and colorways and help launch and promote the products under this special event. 

If you aren’t a current Nerd Girl Yarns customer (or haven’t placed a wholesale order in 12 months), we suggest a 70/30 split for the trunk show otherwise current wholesale pricing will apply. We will provide a written list of all goods provided, including the wholesale and our online retail prices, so that you can easily check what has sold and what, if anything, is being returned.

If travel is required for the trunk show, the shop will cover the travel/lodging expenses. A $500.00 commitment is required for a trunk show sales event with a $200 prepaid deposit due at time of booking. Please contact us for scheduling and other information. Payment for goods sold is due at the end of the trunk show.

Garment Samples Trunk Shows

We are currently working on a selection of garments in NGY colorways for inclusion into a sample show to help promote NGY product lines at LYS. If you are interested in this, please Contact us at and we will keep you posted as to when this might be available.