Doctor Donna - Retailers Exclusive

Doctor Donna - Retailers Exclusive

This yarn combines my favorite characters, the Tenth Doctor and his companion Donna. Shown here on Heart You. This colorway remains very popular, beginning October 1st this colorway retires from NGY retail online and becomes exclusive to retailers only.

"And know this, Doctor Donna. You will never be forgotten. Our children will sing of the Doctor Donna. And our children's children. And the wind and the ice and the snow will carry your names forever.." -Ood Sigma

Wholesale min/max:
Min qty 2 per colorway, mix and match bases yarn and/or fiber. Max 150 total items per order.

Due to variations between monitors, color images displayed here are an approximate representation. None of the colorways created by Nerd Girl Yarns are endorsed by, imply endorsement or have or imply an official connection with characters, films or rightsholders they are inspired by.

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